For those of you who are new to my site, my name is Kari Ginakos, I am a Chef and blogger, a mom of three growing kids and the wife to my handsome Greek husband. Like most of you, I lead a busy life which includes my full time job as a Chef and balancing my children’s schedules while trying to keep the house together and be a loving wife and mom… basically I attempt the impossible on a daily basis.

I turned forty this year and I have to say… I really like it, this time in my life is feeling really great and I am starting to take some time to reflect on who I am. Now I’m not the type that goes around trying to define myself, so I won’t bore you with a long description of all my “aha” moments but I’ll say the following:

A lot of us, including me, spend the first part of our lives looking for the box we fit into, we’re certain that there’s a box out there somewhere and that we will fit into it exactly and once that happens everything will fall into place. I can relate to this on a lot of levels in my life but as a Chef I’ve always thought I was a bit of a misfit, I know I’m an excellent cook, I know I’m creative and passionate and that I have a sense for balance and flavor but I never really matched my fellow Chefs in their approach to this industry. Most of the people I went to cooking school with wanted the lifestyle that came with being a Chef and they loved the competitive nature of the industry. That was the exact opposite of who I was, I really never understood how you can compete when it comes to food. Each of us is unique in what we do and how we do it and learning from one another was exciting. I really didn’t want to be working twelve hours a day and going out to bars afterward and making the kitchen my life. Nope didn’t find my box.

I stayed home for many years with my kids and I loved watching them grow, I missed working as a Chef so I made ridiculously lavish meals and baked practically every day to get that feeling of being in a professional kitchen. My husband was happy and so were my kids, the other stay at home moms thought I was a show off. Nope didn’t find my box.

I went back to work when my kids went to school full time; knowing I had to pay my dues all over again, I started in a kitchen as a helper and was offered the Executive Chef position within the first six months. I was working sixty to seventy hours a week and never saw my kids. Nope didn’t find my box.

There’s been a few positions since then and while I haven’t completely found my box, I’ve accepted that I am not a typical Chef, I love to teach, I love to create and develop recipes and make them perfect so anyone can do it. I love to show people that making great food really is simple and most of all, I love to make my home a welcoming place by feeding them…it’s how I show my love.

The purpose, I’ve decided, is not to find a box where we fit but rather to celebrate the edges, bumps and cracks that keep us out of the box, they are truly what make us unique. I’ve included the story of the cracked pot to my site, it captures the thought behind what I’m describing and inspires me to continue to be myself.

This blog is my way of sharing the recipes that I create for my family and I hope you’ll create them for the people that you love too. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.


Kari Ginakos



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  1. Your love food shines through! Love watching you cook because there is an amazing glow about you, and your dishes are amazing!!!!


  2. Hi Kari – I made your chicken marinade recipe and it was a huge success! Trying the Chicken Souvlaki tonight. Can’t wait! Thanks for the Blog.


    1. Hi Jannette,
      Yay! I’m so glad the marinade was a hit, I hope you like the Greek marinade, it’s one of our family favorites for sure! Have fun with it!


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