I remember realizing that I wanted to be a chef in my late teens, I loved cooking my whole life but I actually considered it as a career around then. This would have been roughly the mid nineties, or the dark ages as my kids would call it… and it was smack in the middle of when Sun Dried Tomatoes were a big food trend. I remember making everything with them, sauces, pizzas, salads etc… From that came one big winner and I have made it ever since. It is a very universally friendly recipe, kids and adults love it, you can serve it on its own or with grilled chicken or shrimp. Baby arugula makes a nice topping for something green and peppery as a garnish. Serve it over a good pasta, preferably a broad noodle like fettuccine or tagliatelle. Pay close attention to the note about the starchy pasta water, ALWAYS save a few cups of pasta water to add to your sauce, it makes it smooth and silky and the sauce won’t gum up as it absorbs into the pasta. And please toss the pasta in the sauce, don’t just top the pasta with the sauce… it’s better, trust me.           Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce with Herbed Goat Cheese

Posted by:chefkari

I have been a Chef for more than twenty years, I am currently the Corporate Chef for a Franchise company specializing in high quality food made in house. I am a mom of three growing kids and a wife to my handsome Greek husband. Fitness and nutrition are important to me; I have maintained an 85lbs weight loss for over 14 years through healthy eating and exercise. This blog will include indulgent, high fat and high sugar recipes that are just worth the extra calories and I will also include recipes and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle without compromising taste and satisfaction. I believe balance is the key in a happy life and my hope is to add some to your day.

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