Awesome Chicken Fingers!

I know… I’m showing my Canadian by saying chicken “Fingers”, other people call them strips or tenders but darn it, I’m Canadian and these are chicken fingers… and they’re awesome, eh! This flour dredge works great for fried chicken with the skin on too but you may have to double the recipe. Ok, so find two large chicken breasts, I’m talking atleast a chicken with a “D” cup, not the chicken all the other chickens made fun of for having little boobies. Then cut them into 5 strips or fingers each, it’s not rocket science, just cut them into strips and be done with it. Follow the recipe and let me know how they turn out.. My kids love these and they make a great packed lunch the next day too. It’s a great way to make 2 breasts feed a whole family.

Awesome Chicken FingersIMG_6460 IMG_6462


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