Greek Pasta Salad

This recipe is one of my familie’s favorites, I make it a lot and send leftovers to school with my kids. I have actually had parents approach me and ask for the recipe because their kid came home and told them about my kid’s lunch and they wanted it too. It makes a great side dish and it’s a really good option for a potluck. Make sure all the veggies are washed really well and use high quality ingredients. What I mean by this is use a good first cold press olive oiL, make sure if it’s a bit older that it’s not rancid, just dip a piece of white bread in it and if it tastes good, you’re good to go. Use dried oregano that is relatively new, not the stuff that’s been sitting in a cupboard for a year, you can get away with regular honey and bottled lemon juice but when it comes to dressings, the better each item tastes on it’s own, the better the dressing will taste. Greek Pasta Salad

IMG_6455 IMG_6459


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