Meatballs Marinara

This recipe is one of my go to’s, everyone loves it, it’s a classic and you can make a huge batch on a Sunday and freeze it in individual family size portions for a quick meal. These are my recipes but I have to give a shout out to Lydia, my sister’s, ex’s mom who is an amazing Italian Chef and taught me to make real sauce one hot August afternoon in her garage in a pot the size of a small car using cases and cases of good farmers market tomatoes. It is still one of my favorite cooking memories and I have been making huge batches of my own sauce and freezing it for quick use ever since. The sauce itself is great for pizza, lasagna, add cream for a rose sauce… anyway, everyone should have a great sauce recipe so try it out. Like I said, set aside a Sunday to do this and make sure you get great ingredients, go to the Italian market and get the good canned tomatoes (San Marzano) and only use fresh basil (there’s not substitute).

The meatballs are a classic, don’t be discouraged by the amount of bread in the recipe, a lot of people think it’s bad because it’s “filler” but in the case of a good meatball, it’s not filler. Use really good tasting bread, ciabatta or some other artisan bread and whole milk because it has more fat. This is what keeps the meatball moist and tender. After I mix the meat mixture I always make a small patty and cook it to make sure the seasoning is on point. Keep in mind it should be a bit on the saltier side because it will lose some of the saltiness when it’s cooked in the sauce.


Meatballs Marinara


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