The Best Sugar Cookies

The Absolute Best Sugar Cookies

There are thousands if not millions of sugar cookie recipes out there and I have tried more than I can count. A really good sugar cookie should be buttery, light and crispy while holding clean lines of a cut shape after baking and should be sturdy enough to be decorated without falling apart.
The best recipe I have ever used comes from a great blog called Genius Kitchen, this blog has some incredible recipes. I use this recipe every time I make sugar cookies or as a crust for some of my cheesecakes and squares; it’s reliable and delicious.

The one trick that I’ve developed myself and I will take credit for here is that I roll my sugar cookies in icing sugar instead of flour. The more flour you incorporate into the dough, the tougher the cookies will be, so by the time you’ve rolled the dough for the last time, you essentially have cardboard. Rolling the cookies in icing sugar increases the buttery sweetness of the cookie and prevents them form getting tough.

I decorate these cookies in many different ways. Shown on this page is a linzer style cookie with preserves sandwiched between two cookies and a window cut into the top cookie. Bring these to the next get together you go to and I guarantee they will not last.



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