Creamy Polenta

One of the first recipes I learned in cooking school was polenta, it was considered very fancy to make polenta and then allow it to set, cut it into triangles and fry it. It added colour and height to your dinner plates and I loved it! Sadly, it’s considered a bit old fashioned now, twenty…

Beef Empanadas

I absolutely love to play with new flavours and I am crazy about spicy foods. Mexican food is so much fun to experiment with in particular because there is a huge variety of ingredients which lend themselves to a balanced flavour profile. The chilies are not always spicy, they can be sweet and smoky, spicy…

Shrimp Tacos

I am working on a menu for a Day of the Dead party at work and I think it’s putting me in the mood for Mexican food. I posted my recipe for homemade flour tortillas and I was inspired to use them for a fun dinner.

Soft Pretzels – Oh Baby!

There a few things in this world as delicious as homemade bread, even better though is a homemade soft pretzel… they not only taste like bread but they’re chewy and salty and the crust sticks to your teeth just a bit when you tear a piece off, oh baby they are so good!

Seriously Addictive Pizza Rolls

For those of you who have read my previous posts, you know I have three kids, two boys and a girl… well these kids are growing and eating like crazy and I am always trying to find ways to help them, help themselves to food. These pizza rolls are awesome for when the kids get…